Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer

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AUTOR Ingo Maurer
ISBN 2001

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Ingo Maurer (– 21 October ) was a German industrial designer who specialised in the design of lamps and light installations. He was nicknamed "poet of light". Life. Sculpture without title by Ingo Maurer in Groningen, Netherlands. Ingo Maurer Pierre ou Paul S (small 80 cm diameter) Ingo Maurer. from $15, Quick View Ingo Maurer Pierre ou Paul S (small 80 cm diameter) Ingo Maurer. from $15, Ingo Maurer Pierre ou Paul V. Ingo Maurer Pierre ou Paul V Ingo Maurer. from $17, The artistic and technical range of Ingo Maurer lighting was conceived to "stimulate the imagination and excite the emotions." That it does, most definitely. A Fun Fact About Ingo Maurer. Speaking of stimulating the imagination, Maurer is also known for his lavish light installations. You are welcome to contact us from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm and Friday from 8 am - 2 pm at: Our company is on holiday from 17 to 21 August Ingo Maurer and Team have been designing and manufacturing lighting for over 40 years. Over 60 individuals work together to create products integrating artistic expression with functional elegance. Working in a Munich factory, everything they make is made with the love of detail, master craftsmanship and input from a lot of human hands. Ingo Maurer is one of the leading lighting designers worldwide and he is one of the most important international product designers. He regards himself modestly an autodidact. He was born on the island of Reichenau located in the Lake Constance in Ingo Maurer started to design exceptional lamps, lighting systems and objects beginning in the middle of the s, which his company produces and distributes worldwide. This is why we can realize our ideas without compromises. For over four working decades, Ingo Maurer and Team – as he refers to the co-workers – has constantly grown. Delicate wings Ingo Maurer and Team A dragonfly and two butterflies are hand-finished models, attached to the heat-reasistent shade made of PTFE. The height is adjustable by a simple mechanism. Johnny B. Butterfly is a special version of Johnny B. Good and can easily be combined with the latter. With LED string bulb. “The light bulb is important as it is the last piece of fire” I interviewed Ingo Maurer in for FT Rui, and again covered his show in Milan for AD China in Ablaze — Installation Ablaze — Installation There is no doubt that lighting speaks to our senses in a more subtle, insidious and primal way than any other form of design. 4/15/ · ingo maurer presents three of his new lighting objects at milan design week influenced by nature, the pieces invite viewers to continuously discover new elements and characteristics. In Maurer designed a lighting fixture for an installation in Munich. Simply called Bulb, it was a lightbulb within a lightbulb. It was so successful that Maurer went into production to meet the demand, and his company, Design M (now Ingo Maurer GmbH) was established. No matter how conceptual, Maurer’s lamps are witty and delicate.